Mama, mama, mama, mama…

My three year old finished the final touches of her letter, “N.” When we looked at what she wrote my heart swelled with pride. She wrote and spelled her first and last name all on her own! I felt like I have just scaled the base camp at Mount Everest without passing out!

Nowadays, my time is spent trying to answer the important questions in life like, “Mama, can I have toilet paper please?” or “Mama,  can I climb your bike?” or “Mama, can I have milk please?” or every mom’s favorite, “Mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama…” Before last year, I was a 20 year ‘old lady’ of the allied medical profession. I was a professional, a clinician, a boss, a mentor, a resource, a wife and mother to our two dogs.

Now, I’m sitting with my daughter by at our dining room table working on her writing. No more patients, no more clinics, no more employees, no more students, no more paperwork, billing…The most exciting thing to ever occur to my daily life is my daughter being able to spell and write her own name.


I’m fine with that.



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