It’s a blog by an amateur. Covering a multitude of things and sins. I am a woman. A girl. An Imp. I am a daughter. A sister. A friend. A lover. A wife. A mother. I am Madonna, not! I write poetry, but the kind you keep to yourself. I write commentaries, the kind that I should keep to myself. I write reflections the kind I actually love to share. Life is schizophrenic. It confuses me but I live it anyway.

A survivor. The world has been unkind to me but I refuse to let it strip me of my soul. So I fight back with compassion. The other side of the tunnel is dark and bleak but the brilliance on the opposite end is even more attractive. Off I follow!

A dreamer. A schemer. A voice reaching out in the vast wilderness of cyber universe in the hopes that I may find you. You with your soul, your heart, your dreams and your armor made of faith, hope, fear or bitterness. I am looking for you!

We are all of us so many things to so many people. Emanating from one remarkably deceptive package. You.