Green Tea and Marianelli

It’s half past midnight and I am somewhere halfway around the world. I have been looking at my pictures on my Facebook accounts. Yes, I have 3. One for my family, one for my friends, and last just for myself. Am I lying to the people I’m friends with? No, I would not say lying. I would say people only know an aspect of you, and to show them more than one, troubles them. So why not open up at least three, so I can be all of them.

Going back to my reverie; I cannot sleep. I have always fancied myself a night owl. So I helped myself to a cup of green tea and played the soundtrack of Jane Eyre (2011) by Dario Marianelli in the background. I don’t know why I chose it his music is very introspective-it literally forces me to think about things , I guess at the back of my mind, it speaks to my current mood. Looking at my many pictures, I realized a few things about myself. One, that as much as I label myself an anti-social, a homebody I am not. Two, my interests are so varied those closest to me do not really know all of them. Three, that I can support something I disagree with. What?!?

I believe no one person is ever really just, One person. A woman especially, we like to minimize the roles that we play to all those we love on a daily basis. We have gotten so effective at trivializing our contributions that we have led ourselves to believe that we are weaker, meeker, milder, or fearful. Nothing however, could be further from the truth. I do not consider myself a feminist by any means, but one does not need to be a feminist to recognize that  women can be strong and weak at the same time, soft and hard, direct and cunning, sweet and spicy, a leader and a follower…we are all that and then some.

My blog is intended to embrace those parts of me and maybe hopefully, help someone else who’s trying to figure out theirs. I am the sum of my parts. I am my past, present and future.  I am all of that.

I may need more green tea and Marianelli next time I write.